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This topic is a must do for anyone new to the pump industry, covering the foundation knowledge of pumps, the basic about water and installations. 


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Basic Hydraulic Principles


Water a Scarce Resource

Estimated time - min

Gain a better understanding of water and just how precious a resource it really is.

Considerations in Pump Selection

Estimated time - min

Choosing a pump can seem confusing, this topic will guide you through what to consider when selecting a pump.

Friction Loss

Estimated time - min

Learn how to calculate friction loss to ensure you select the right pump.

Sizing a Pump

Estimated time - min

This topic will guide you through how to size a pump.

Pump Curves

Estimated time - min

Confused about pump curves? This topic will teach you how to read pump curves for pump selection.

Pump Controls

Estimated time - min

This task will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of different pump controls.