Spare Parts

Grundfos service parts by product

Spare parts where and when you need them
Grundfos has defined service parts by product, making sure critical spare parts are always in stock and preventing inconvenient and unnecessary downtime for our customers. Full documentation of our spare parts is available in the Grundfos Product Center, part of the substantial range of online services offered on our website.

Grundfos will ensure that needs and expectations follow hand-in-hand for the supply of spare parts, depending on your pumping system, the critical nature of your installation, or the level of customisation of your pumps.

Grundfos guarantees that obsolete products can be serviced for at least 10 years after production has been discontinued. Alternatively, Grundfos may decide to supply replacement products. Grundfos also gives you access to services such as online spare part ordering and support, a full range of specially designed service kits, inventory management services, lists of recommended spare parts, and more.