Current Grundfos Product Center Version

Current Grundfos Product Center version

Information on changes in the latest version of the Grundfos Product Center.

What's new in Product Center 1.6.13?

The search bar in the front page is now less strict when it comes to spaces, and will for instance accept both “Magna3” and “Magna 3”.

Product numbers with less than eight characters will no longer need zeros in front to make the search valid.

The catalogue should now load considerably faster.

Restructured the Help section and added a FAQ.

The user will no longer receive a warning if the product searched for on the front page is not in the current product range.

Added a Chinese product range

Added an Indian product range

Fixed an error where you couldn’t select the Estonian product range

Changed the energy price for Sweden

Quick sizing:

  • In all countries except Germany the default value for variable speed is now set to ”No” and the default value for impeller size is now set to ”Fixed”. This is so that products with product numbers are shown as default when using quick sizing.
  • Quick sizing with some pump designs now allows the selection of an external frequency converter under the variable speed option.
  • If no solution is found in Quick sizing, configurated products are tried. This has been done to support air-cooled tops.
  • Once Q and H has been set, an option now appears where the user can select the amount of pumps.
  • In edit sizing parameters, it is now possible to set variable speed as well as to set a maximum frequency.
  • Voltage input is no longer available as both a text field and a dropdown in “Edit sizing parameters”

Advanced sizing:

  • In domestic water supply it is now possible to calculate Flow
  • Pictures in advanced sizing has been moved to the “Help med select” and “Calculate” links.
  • Tootips now appear in advanced sizing
  • In wastewater sizing, the “Total number of pumps” has been moved up to from “your requirements” to “select application”.
  • In renewable sizing, GF 100 S is now the preferred solar panel.
  • In renewable sizing, the Afcrican cities Moçamedes and Luso was changed to Namibe and Luena respectively


  • In projects, only the currency sign of “Your price” and “Your total price” is affected when changing it in the Project Details page.
  • When printing a project the price shown will fall back to the list price if your price is not set. If list price is “0”, a text will be displayed saying “price on request”.
  • Pump position in a project is now in the print if “Datasheet and Curve” is selected in the printing options.

Bug fixes:

  • Some missing families in quick sizing has returned.
  • Paging was missing on some products which caused only ten entries to be shown when in fact there could be a lot more. This has been fixed.
  • New copies of images will no longer appear when using calculators in advanced sizing.
  • In wastewater, zeta values will show the number instead of “manual input” when a number is typed in manually
  • In wastewater, the geodetic height should no longer reset during the sizing process.
  • Fixed a bug where a viscosity value warning was obscured on the Product Detail page.
  • Fixed an issue where the user was unable to create a snapshot of a project
  • Sizing any MTR should now show the proper number of stages in the specifications
  • Fixed several bugs in the overview mode in advanced sizing.
  • In settings, the company name can now be removed entirely.
  • Tolerance bands now display properly in prints.
  • In renewable, cable loss is now calculated properly
  • In renewable, CU200 and CIU 273 no longer appears when sizing surface pumps.
  • General improvement of Replacement
  • General improvement of sizing

New products:

  • Hydro Multi-S (ASEAN)
  • Hydro Multi-B/E (USA)

New product variants:

  • Hydro MPC (USA)
  • Magna 32-120
  • SPK, IE3
  • Sololift2, 220 V, 60 Hz

Service updates:

  • NB/NK (For Ginsu project)
  • TP (For Ginsu project)
  • CRE small range (CR1, CRI1, CRN1, CR3, CR5, CRI3, CRI5, CRN3, CRN5, CR10, CRI15, CRI20, CRI10, CRN15, CRN20, CR15, CR20, CRN10)
  • SPK2, SPK4

What’s new in Product Center 1.5.29?

You can now find discontinued products through the search bar on the front page. A warning will appear when you select a discontinued product in the search bar.

A warning will appear if the selected product's Hz differs from the current setting.

In Advanced Sizing it is now possible to expand the accordions into three columns that take up the entire screen.

When you have typed a complete product number in the search bar on the front page, the dropdown will remain.

To avoid confusion, the dropdown that appears whenever you search for a product on the front page will no longer show how many products that are hidden.

In guided selection the sizing parameters on the result page now include the same options as the catalogue.

Selections made when printing are now remembered for the session.

Energy labelling (such as the A-label) no longer appears.

The inactive button in replacement no longer appears.

Increased resolution for curves when shown on tablets and other devices with high dpi.

A new font is used for headers across Grundfos Product Center, which supports special characters.

General improvements to replacement.

Increased the m3/day limit for renewable sizing.

General improvements to user defined units.


  • Documents now have a publication date.
  • Documents are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Software and support files are now available for relevant products in the documents section.
  • It is now possible to check off documents and afterwards copy them to the clipboard easily by selecting "Add to… > Copy to clipboard" in the documents section.
  • Only the documentation for the currently selected Hz is shown.


  • It is now possible to add a positioning value in the "Add to project" window on the product page.
  • It is now possible to create a new project in the "Add to project" window on the product page.
  • The sorting algorithm in projects has been improved (previously the order would be 1, 22, 3 – now it's 1, 3, 22).
  • A paging functionality will ensure that only 25 projects are shown at a time in the project overview. This should increase the load time for users with many projects.
  • The project header now contains information from the project if no information is typed in the printing options.
  • Archived projects will no longer appear as available selections when adding a pump to a project on the project detail page.
  • Projects now load faster.
  • Improved the information when adding a new user to a project.


  • Fixed a bug in projects where a user would get a message saying one or more projects are not in production only because they were systems.
  • Fixed a bug where a product picture would jump out of the frame when zooming out in Webkit browsers.
  • Users should no longer get a message saying "This product is not for sale in your region" when searching on the front page.
  • It is now possible to use the print functionality on an iPad.
  • Product pictures now show for 60Hz only products.
  • Fixed a bug where it was sometimes not possible to select document language from the drop down.
  • Page numbers on prints are now always aligned.
  • Fixed a bug in projects where the quick curve would not show for products after the positioning value was changed.
  • Changing project details will no longer result in a 500 error in Firefox.
  • It is no longer possible to print spare parts for a product with no spare parts.
  • Revealed some hidden fields in "curve view > show advanced options“.
  • Fixed a bug where "Add to saved items" did not add a document to saved items if the product was found through searching on the front page.
  • Removing a user with editing rights from a project will no longer result in a 200 error.
  • "Start sizing" button now works when sizing multizone.
  • To avoid errors with reference numbers in projects, they can now only consist of up to 9 numerical characters.
  • A lot more bug fixes and corrections.

Updates to service:

  • JP5 & JP6 Booster
  • SP 9, SP11, SP14 Middle range release
  • false,false,1