Optimise operation with a service agreement

You need your day-to-day operation to be efficient and uninterrupted, and signing a Service Agreement with Grundfos makes good sense. We take care of pump maintenance in due time, avoiding breakdowns and keeping scheduled downtime to a minimum.

With a Grundfos Service Agreement, you can rest assured that your system is working optimally. A Service Agreement is a contract between your company and Grundfos and provides you with access to discounts and advantages, which can apply across your entire company. A partnership with Grundfos means you will always have an overview of your maintenance budget.

An outstanding 24-hour service is available from our global network of authorised service partners. They will ensure that you can order and receive any necessary spare parts even at short notice. Our worldwide network of authorised partners is your guarantee that annual checks, preventive maintenance and servicing of your pumps is always carried out by skilled service technicians who are trained by Grundfos and are always up to date.

In addition, we offer Grundfos Pump Audit, a diagnostics tool that we use to clarify whether your pumps system is energy optimized to guarantee that your costs are kept to an absolute minimum – now and in the future. Our careful consideration of Life Cycle Costs for all our products means we have control over the real costs of ownership of our pumps.