Grundfos Service offers a Commissioning Agreement to help you get your pumps up and running quickly and effectively, ensuring energy efficient operation from day one.

You need your pumps up and running quickly and effectively, but if they are not installed and put into function correctly, even the best quality product may fail or cause problems. Faulty installation can lead to breakdowns, costing time and money in addition to inconvenience.

Let Grundfos commission your pumps
To get you off to a flying start. This means you get the full quality experience when you invest in Grundfos pumping solutions. Correct commissioning also ensures that the pump runs as energy-efficiently as possible, which will also save you money in the long run.

Convenience and savings with a Commissioning Agreement
In all complex systems, a lot of things may go wrong. Our commissioning service makes sure they do not. As part of a Grundfos Commissioning Agreement you will receive a full start-up report with operational data documented by us. Our commissioning covers both a check of the pumps, the control equipment, and the total pump performance.

Our highly skilled service technicians combine thorough product knowledge with an understanding of a variety of applications, and experience of working with them. They will ensure that our pumping solutions are perfectly integrated into your system and work as required.

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