Proper operation begins with correct installation

Grundfos Service ensures correct pump installation and commissioning for optimum pump performance by trained technicians and our network of professional partners

Correct installation is essential for optimum pump performance. If the installation process is not carried out correctly, pump performance can be cut in half. You will most likely not even notice that anything is amiss, but it could mean that pumps wear out prematurely or money simply slips through your fingers as wasted energy.

Grundfos Service ensures that this will not happen. Our careful consideration of the Life-Cycle Cost of all our products means that we have control over the real costs of ownership of our pumps – including purchase price, installation, operation, replacement, and even scrap value.

Trained technicians and our network of professional partners know what they are doing, which allows them to get everything right. Grundfos offers a Commissioning Agreement that specifies each single service task to be performed and the products covered, thus showing our commitment to a correct installation process.

Grundfos also adds extended warranty to our products, ensuring financial security for you via an impeccable installation process. As with all aspects of Grundfos service, it’s all done in a minimum of time.