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Constant pressure, control mode
Constant pressure, control mode
Consumption profile
The consumption profile shows the relationship between the time of the day and the water flow rate.
Control valve
A control valve is used to regulate the amount of a circulating medium to a consuming unit.
A convector is a heating surface that transfers heat mainly by convection.
Cooling ceiling
Water-carrying cooling ceilings can be used as a supplement, if cooled-air temperature regulation systems are insufficient.
Cooling jacket
A cooling jacket enables a portion of the pumped liquid or an external liquid to be circulated around the motor stator housing.
Cooling surface
A cooling surface is used for cooling of outside air before injection into the building.
Cooling tower
A cooling tower is used to remove excess heat from an air-conditioning system if the heat cannot be utilised for another purpose.
COP (Coefficient of performance)
Coefficient of performance (COP), is an expression of the efficiency of a heat pump.
Corrosion can occur on external and internal surfaces of pipes, tanks and radiators.