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Legionella bacteria can be the cause of two illnesses in humans: Legionnaires’ disease, an infection that produces pneumonia and Pontiac fever, which resembles acute influenza.
Level sensors
A level sensor is a device that measures the water level.
Life cycle cost equation for pumping systems
The life cycle cost of a pump system is the total cost of all system components over their lifetime. This is typically 10 - 20 years.
Liquid subcooler
A liquid subcooler is fitted in a cooling plant in order to increase the performance of the evaporator.
LON is an open network technology which is mainly used in building automation.
Magnets are used to drive the shaft and impellers in this product group within the CR product family.
Main pumps
In heating and air conditioning systems, water must be distributed from the supply system to the point of consumption.
Maintenance and repair costs (Cm)
The calculation of the life cycle cost of a pump system includes the total cost of maintaining and repairing the system over its lifetime.
A manhole is a chamber built on a sewer pipe or conduit usually just large enough for one person to enter.
A manometer is an instrument that is used for monitoring current pressure in a heating or cooling system at a given location.