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Discharge flow
Discharge flow is the assumed flow from discharge units.
District heating
District heating describes a water-based heating system where there is a considerable distance between the place the heat is generated (power plant) and the place the heat is used (the building).
Dosing pumps
The dosing pump belongs to the positive displacement pump family and is typically a diaphragm pump.
Downtime costs / loss of production (Cs)
The measurable cost of a pump stoppage is modest seen over its lifetime in a commercial building.
Drip tray
A drip tray is used to collect condensation or defrosted water from cooling surfaces when air is cooled to below the dew point, etc.
Driving pump curve
The driving pump curve shows the total effect of the positive pump curve and the negative system characteristics.
Dry cooler
A dry cooler is an air-cooled device that is used in connection with removal of excess heat.
Dry installation
In a dry installation the pumps are not submerged in the pumped liquid, but installed next to the sump.
Dry running protection
Hydro Boosters, Hydro MPC, Hydro Multi-E, Hydro Multi-S, Pressure/level switch, pressure transmitter, level transmitter, dry-running.
Dry weather flow
Dry weather flow refers to the wastewater flow in a sewer system during periods of dry weather with minimum infiltration.