About global services

Grundfos Service forms enduring partnerships

BE responsible
Grundfos pumps feature a low energy consumption and the highest possible performance throughout their life-time. Therefore, Grundfos Service Solutions including spare parts and replacement kits are defined already in the development phase.

THINK ahead
Service Excellence and Service Solutions form the basis for enduring customer relations and partnerships that are an essential element of Grundfos’ commitment.

INNOVATE is the essence
Problems represent opportunities. Grundfos keeps records of all component failures and effectively informs all involved staff. This approach ensures that possible production problems are efficiently located and remedied.

Continuous Cycle
All this resolves in a continuous improvement through-out the life of the pump and you system as a whole. At Grundfos this is done through a continuous cycle of installation, operation and replacement. For each of these phases our Service Organisation is geared with specific offerings that can help your business rung as smooth as conditions allow.