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Exceptional Home Performance
A constant supply of fresh water flowing from taps and showers around the home is a luxury many people take for granted. But not all people in the world get water that easily. It takes innovative pump technology and sustainable solutions to provide access to water in all corners of the world. Whether you live in an urban house in New York or Paris or in a rural house in Beijing or Nairobi, Grundfos can supply the water you need - at the perfect pressure and on demand.

The Grundfos range of domestic water supply solutions for one- and two-family houses is extremely versatile, covering indoor and outdoor water supply, pressure boosting, rainwater havesting and garden irrigation.

Special pumps for special needs
Lack of mains pressure, loss of pressure when several taps are open, remote location, a desire to pressure rainwater for garden irrigation - real-life applications pose different challenges and people's lifestyles and preferences vary. That is why each Grundfos water supply product has special benefits for specific tasks and circumstances. In addition, all pumps are designed to combine the highest possible user-friendliness, reliability, durability and ease of installation. Simply because everyone deserves good Home Performance.

Sustainability a top priority
Energy-efficient pump solutions are a Grundfos trademark. Our domestic water supply range is no exception. It delivers oustanding pump efficiency at low power consumption, ensuring homeowners the perfect combination of high comfort and low energy cost. Many solutions include variable speed drives which makes it possible to match pump performance with varying demands for flow.

Grundfos Pressure Manager
The Grundfos Pressure Manager is a compact control unit available with a selection of our domestic water supply pumps. It sets new standards for integration of functionality and intelligence in domestic pump solutions. PM1 – Basic Flexibility and PM2 – All-round Control cover the entire spectrum from simple to very complex home applications and meet the market’s diversified needs for control and comfort.

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Water Supply

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