Heat Pumps



Frontrunner in renewable energy
Grundfos is a frontrunner in hydraulic solutions used in renewable and sustainable heat pump systems. We help you develop and optimise efficient heat pumps that reduce the impact on the environment by sharing our expertise and working closely with you throughout the design and production processes.

Save energy, save money
Our products are optimised for heat pump operations to meet the demands of high performance and low energy consumption. This means that you can reduce the yearly power consumption of your heat pumps, making your customers save both energy and money. Also, extensive product testing under real-life heat pump conditions clearly substantiates that Grundfos pump technology is the best around.



Adding value with Grundfos technology

Commercial perspective

  • Expertise and development assistance
  • Focus on innovative, energy-efficient, and sustainable solutions
  • Broad product portfolio for heat pumps
  • Standard and customised pumps and hydraulic systems
  • Energy-efficient pumps optimised for heat pump applications (hot and cold water)
  • Long life under extreme conditions

Technical perspective

  • Energy savings of up to 70% compared to conventional pumps
  • High performance and high reliability under all conditions
  • Tested under simulated geothermal conditions and in real-life heat pump applications with respect to media, temperature, start/stop frequencies, etc.
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant materials
  • Suitable for pumping water-glycol media and other special media
  • Additional functions such as air-venting, diverter valve, or alternate connections

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