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Thermal Engineering Systems - Water circulation Cooling Systems for Computer Servers


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The Situation
The original requirement was to communicate Flow & Temperature information to their customer’s software system. Due to the small size of the installation the VFS fitted the application.

The Grundfos Solution
2 x VFS 5-100 dual output sensors have been used to provide the 4 signals for the control software.
Installation in the pipework in space, that is very limited for 2 sensors, was made possible for TES by our VFS sensors each having 2 measurements in the water stream.

The Outcome
As you can see from the picture below, the pipework as shown in section above, fits into a very small space in the unit. This created the need for small dual output sensor. The VFS fitted the bill perfectly.


.image dropshadow

The solution of the project.


.image dropshadow

VFS 5-100 & RPS 10bar


Stewart Winborn :

The VFS is an innovative sensor that I’d not seen from anyone else. It suited this very difficult application as it offered the 2 measurements we needed. After the initial installation challenge was overcome we are happy to consider all Grundfos Direct Sensor products for new products and applications.

Bryan Maddock :

Due to many tight pipe bends and a different signal to the standard previous used this was difficult for any sensor to satisfy the requirement. However the FVS 5-100 with solder connections eventually provided the solutions.
Cooling applications are very well suited to the GDS sensor.


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