Enertech: Grundfos CR pumps with LiqTec seal technology pave the way for Philippine boiler export

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Enertech: Grundfos CR pumps with LiqTec seal technology pave the way for Philippine boiler export




Enertech Systems Industry

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Enertech Systems Industries Inc. in Quezon City, Philippines, is the country’s leading manufacturer of boilers and boiler systems. However, problems with previously used feedwater pump makes was a major hindrance in the export of the boilers to other regional markets.

Thanks to the high efficiency that the Grundfos range of CR pumps offers and the highly advanced seal technology available for these pumps, Enertech Systems Industries now enjoys considerable success in the South East Asian markets.

The Situation
Philippines based Enertech Systems Industries Inc. employs some 200 people and serves roughly 60% of the country’s market for industrial boilers. An irritating and costly problem with some boiler feed pumps is their sensitivity to the high working pressure and high temperatures related to these applications.

The high working temperatures were a common cause of shaft seal failure with the other pumps that Enertech used to apply for their boilers. This obviously resulted in customer complaints and loss of revenue due to loss of repeat business and reduction in profit due to increased after-sales service.

The Grundfos Solution
The Grundfos LiqTec was specially developed for the Grundfos CR range of high efficiency pumps. The most common cause of pump failure is dry running. Grundfos’ dry running sensor LiqTec stops the pump immediately if there is no liquid in the pump.

The electronic control unit can also be connected to the pump’s thermistor, which measures motor temperature. The system automatically shuts down the pump if the motor overheats. Using the Grundfos LiqTec there is no need for a PTC relay as the LiqTec takes over the function of the PTC sensor.

The Outcome
After switching to the Grundfos CR pumps equipped with the unique LiqTec sensor, Enertech has experienced a substantial drop in pump failure on their boilers. The high efficiency of the CR pumps allows for substantial energy saving. The LiqTec sensor all but eliminates pump
failure caused by overheating or dry running.

Combined, these features have made Enertech boilers much more competitive and as a result these boilers are now being exported to a number of South East Asian markets, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea. More than 100 boilers fitted with Grundfos CR pumps have so far been supplied to a variety of industrial plants in these markets.

For Enertech Systems Industries the outcome has been a substantially larger turnover, and a more profitable operation, and improved customer relations.


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High pumping efficiency
Reduced energy consumption
No dry running, less downtime
Increased customer satisfaction


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A variety of CR models ranging
from CR4-20 to CR45-1, all fitted
with LiqTec electronic sensors.


Mr. Nereo Drice, Engineering Manager
of Enertech Systems Industries Inc.

"Grundfos pumps are very reliable boiler feed pumps as compared to the other pumps we previously used. In addition, the Grundfos CR pumps greatly help our end-users in terms of energy consumption. Due to the high efficiency of the CR pumps, we are able to choose
one motor size lower than with other makes. Moreover Grundfos is truly dependable in their after-sales service and in their technical support."


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