AQUA Engeneering: Grundfos is full-line supplier to leading water treatment company

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The all-in-one Grundfos pump solution ensures trouble-free and energy-efficient operation at the newly built seawater desalination plant in Taiwan




Aqua Engineering GmbH

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Aqua Engineering GmbH in Mondsee, Austria, is a subsidiary of,  BWT - Best Water Technology, Europe’s leading business in the field of water treatment with an annual turnover of app. 350 million € and a workforce of more than 2500 people.
The fields of activity include drinking water and industrial water supply, seawater desalination and wastewater treatment.
Aqua Engineering recently completed a 560,000-litre/day seawater desalination plant at Bay-Gan Island in Taiwan where Grundfos pumps play an important role in the treatment processes as well in moving the water through the system.

The Situation
The mother company of Aqua Engineering GmbH, Best Water Technology dates back as far as 1823. For almost two centuries treatment and distribution of water has been a cornerstone of the business. Through “organic” growth and a series of amalgamations the business has grown to become Europe’s’ leading in its field.
Aqua Engineering GmbH specialises – among many other things – in building and maintaining high-efficiency water supply plants. It is common practice of Aqua Engineering buying pumps and dosing equipment from various suppliers from Europe and the USA. This makes it difficult to optimise the
operation of all system elements while complicating staff training and after-sales service. Aqua Engineering, therefore, searched the market for a full-line supplier for all their pumping

The Grundfos Solution
For the seawater desalination plant at Bay-Gan Island in Taiwan Grundfos supplied a full package of booster units, feed pumps and service pumps as well as a range of dosing pumps, each dedicated to dosing a specific chemical/additive.
The pumps supplied include two Grundfos BMET 17-12/8 highpressure boosting units, capable of delivering at maximum pressure of 700 m with a maximum capacity of 95 m3/h. In order to feed to booster units Grundfos CRN 32-2 pumps were installed. Additional CRN pump types were installed to handle permeate transportation, membrane flushing, cleaning operations and service water.
The highly advanced Grundfos Dosing pump range comprises two basic types, DMS and DME. The DMS models are mechanical dosing pumps fitted with a synchronous motor that varies the stroke frequency to meet demand. These pumps combine high throughput with reliable operation.
The Grundfos DME diaphragm pumps offer state-of-the-art digital dosing, which makes setting and operation difficulties to a thing of the past. The suction/discharge diaphragm is screwed into a crankshaft, which means that the diaphragm is fully controlled throughout every suction/discharge cycle. The operation range of the DME pumps is 2.5 ml/h to 150 l/h.

The Outcome
With the all-in-one solution provided by Grundfos, Aqua Engineering achieved not only efficient and trouble-free operation of all pump systems – and, thus, the entire seawater desalination plant at Bay-Gan Island in Taiwan. Logistics and the training of staff members have also been greatly simplified.
In addition to the actual pumps Grundfos supplied all the necessary accessories in order to ensure optimum operation from day one. These included pulsation dampers, pressure relief valves, injection units, level switches incl. section pipes and mixers as well as tools, spare parts and service kits.


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State-of-the-art booster units
One-stop shopping for all
pump needs
High technical standard
Easy maintenance and efficient aftersales


BMET 17-12/8, CRN 8-100,
CRN 1-3, CRN 32-3, CRN 5-6
and CRN 32-2.
DMS 4-7 and DME 48-3
Dosing pumps.


Mr. Braunwieser, Engineer and Project Manager,
Aqua Engineering GmbH.

"For certain projects Aqua Engineering prefers to cooperate with a one-stop-shopping supplier that is able to offer a high technical standard, compatible with our own, as well as efficient after-sales service, maintenance and staff training. Easy maintenance is a key factor in all our plants. Grundfos is capable of offering all of this in addition to short delivery
times compared, for instance, to competitors from the USA"


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