Plumbing Solutions

Water Supply

Household Pumps

If you’re looking for a pump solution for your customer's rainwater harvesting applications, whether it’s for whole of home supply or garden irrigation, look no further than the great range of Grundfos pressure boosters. 

Choose from a variety of pump solutions, including:

  • Self-priming options for pumping from below ground water sources     
  • Variable speed options that adjust according to water demand to deliver constant water pressure at the tap
  • All in one units with integrated motor, tank and non-return valve

Receive DOUBLE WARRANTY (2 years standard + 2 years extra) on eligible pressure booting pumps (SCALA2, CME Booster, CM-PS and CM Booster Self-Priming) through participating Grundfos Authorised Dealers. 


Wastewater & Drainage

If you need to get rid of floodwater or water from swimming pools, tanks and ponds, or if you need to install extra bathroom facilities remote from the main sewer, Grundfos has the right solution.

Choose from a variety of pumps solutions, including:      

  • Grinders / macerators to grind and evacuate sewage
  • Lifting stations for discharging domestic effluent  
  • Drainage pumps with varying particle handling capabilities for both fixed or portable use

Receive DOUBLE WARRANTY (2 years standard + 2 years extra) on eligible wastewater and drainage pump ((SOLOLIFT2 & UNILIFT [KP, AP12, AP35, AP50]) through participating Grundfos Authorised Dealers. T&C’s apply.


Hot Water

If you are after hot water circulation solutions that are plumber friendly, easy-to-install, reliable, quiet and ensure hot water is pumped to taps and showers throughout the home, then look no further than the range of Grundfos circulators:

  • Pressure boosters for hot water systems to provide extra pressure to showers and other outlets
  • Hot water re-circulators to ensure instant hot water at the outlet-
  • Circulators for hot or cold
  • Water for domestic or commercial applications
  • Variable speed circulators for heating or cooling systems
Top 5 Reasons why Pumps Fail

Top 5 Reasons why Pumps Fail

1. Incorrectly sized: Pumps must be sized specifically for the application. Consider the water source, power supply and the amount of flow and pressure.

2. Protection: Ensure your pump is shielded from harsh weather conditions. Electric motors and controllers can be affected by rain and direct sublight.

3. Water source proximity: Ensure your pump is as close to the water source as possible. Pumps can deliver water over great distances and heights, but can struggle to draw water into the inlet of the pump.

4. Priming: Keep your pump primed (full of water at all times). Dry running (running a pump without water) can damage pump components.

5. Water quality: Water pumps are deigned to pump clean, clear water. Be aware that suspended solids and sand can become trapped in small passages within the impeller causing pump failure.