Green at heart

Sustainability is our business

The story of Grundfos begins in 1945, with a young visionary wanting to solve a neighbour's problem. He solved it by building a pump and gaining him access to clean water. Today, we are still doing the same thing, except our neighbours and the problems we help solve are global, and energy and resource efficiency are key drivers for us. Poul Due Jensen’s belief in innovation and responsibility remains in our DNA, and it is the driving force for our business.

At the same time, we know that sustainability is a journey, not a destination and what makes a business sustainable is continually changing. We stay abreast on the latest developments and continually work to improve ourselves. We know that we can always do better. 

Facts about pumps

Pumps: the unsung energy hero

90% of pumps in the world are inefficient. 

By switching every pump to an efficient one, the world would save 2 billion m3 of water, or 8 times of Denmark's annual water consumption. 

The world faces an unprecedented growing population and its limited resources of water and energy continue to dwindle. In order to move with times, we need innovative solutions that conserve water and energy. With the right pumps, we are not just saving water and energy. We are combatting climate change and helping the planet.

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Green at heart highlights

Environmental footprint

We are in a continuous process of minimising our environmental footprint, by producing and utilising new technologies that are water and energy-efficient. When we collect data on our sustainability-related outputs, we are able to develop new strategies for improvement. Besides devising product solutions to match the needs of vulnerable communities, we're always trying to make our product facilities greener.

Our sustainability mindset goes beyond ourselves, but also through our supply chain. We carefully select and evaluate our suppliers against environmental and social criterias. 

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