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We share Danish water knowledge with the US
Key representatives from American cities, companies and educational institutions visited Aarhus. Water and green growth were on the agenda, and Grundfos helped share knowledge.
We want a larger slice of the cake
Procuring water for agriculture is a huge business. We estimate that the market for pumps alone accounts for a turnover of US$ 3 billion, or 2.12 billion Euro.
Welcome to our new Group President
By January 1 2003 Jens Jørgen Madsen took over the position as Grundfos Group President.
Welcoming visitors to Ocean Pier
Copenhagen's recently constructed cruise ship terminal has a large scale Grundfos system to handle wastewater from the ships while berthed.
What do pumps and your mobile phone have in common?
A combination of foresight and great sales work has brought pumps and mobile telephones closer together.
What is Grundfos LIFELINK?
Grundfos Lifelink is the most recent addition to the Grundfos New Business companies
What's new on
New and improved features that ease your way around our website and reflects the international scope of Grundfos.
When the rain in Spain is not enough
When the rain in Spain is not enough
Why use an Irrigation Professional?
Why use an Irrigation Professional?
With GO CAPS Grundfos gets closer to its customers
The well-known WebCAPS product database is now available in a mobile version. With the new GO CAPS app, sales representatives, service staff and customers now have easy and precise access to valuable product information.