Meet our Global Graduates

Martin Møldrup

Learn and Develop in the Programme

Martin Møldrup, Engineering Graduate 2016

“In just 2 years you gain knowledge, experience and network equivalent to 5 years of working experience”. I really believe this to be true. If you like to learn and develop yourself both personally and professionally, the Grundfos Graduate Programme is for you.

More importantly, Grundfos works on two of the UN world sustainable development goals: Combating climate change and its impacts and Ensuring access to water and sanitation for all. A do-good mentality is deeply rooted in the Grundfos culture and history which is amazing to be a part of. I strongly believe that it matters for the satisfaction in life and work, that what you do, makes a positive impact on the world. 10% of world electric energy is used in pumps, join Grundfos, the world largest pump manufacturer, and help us bring that down.   


Explore and Create

Astrid Holm Jensen, Senior Strategy Specialist

Supply Chain Graduate, 2015

For me the Grundfos Graduate Programme is not just about exploring your interests but also an international Danish company. It was a great experience to create value for Grundfos, while having the opportunity to influence the projects you take on during the two years. Grundfos as a company embraces Graduates in a sense where new eyes are very much welcomed and colleagues in the different departments do
their outmost to help you learn and develop throughout your six month projects.

When I started as a graduate, I didn’t know what my dream position would look like or what kind of tasks it should contain. This journey was something the programme supported and progressed much faster than I could imagine, had I been hired outside the Graduate Programme. 

Adam Wang

A Perfect Challenge in a global environment

Adam Wang, Senior Project Manager

Global Business Graduate 2014, China

I challenge myself everyday. Working in projects can sometimes be tough, but I always know that the people around the programme are there for me. It is a platform for valuable exposure within the global organisation offering both challenges and opportunities.

I decided to become a graduate in Grundfos because the company is getting bigger and bigger in China. It is a unique chance to experience a global working environment and to move around the world. I know that my colleagues appreciate my contribution and that motivates me a lot. If you push yourself hard enough and overcome the challenges, the Grundfos Graduate Programme can take you far.


Four Jobs in One

Morten Hannibalsen, Application Specialist

IT Graduate, 2015

If you are in doubt what your dream job is, the Graduate Programme will let you try up to four different jobs during the two years.

Every rotation is an opportunity to challenge yourself within a new field or even a different job type! This helped me figure out what type of job that would suit me best going forward. A lesson that would be hard to learn in only two years at a regular job.In terms of testing your abilities in different job roles, you cannot get more bang for the buck than as a Graduate!