About the programme

Two years of talent development

Put your talent to the test in our two-year programme where you lead four projects of six months each. You will spend at least one project period abroad. Recent Global Graduates have worked in countries such as Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Austria, Hungary, Singapore, Switzerland, Philippines, USA, and other 50+ Grundfos companies around the world.

During the programme you will report to four different project owners, who will act as your professional sparring partners for the duration of the respective projects.

Graduate Programme Rotation Process

How we ensure your development

In an action learning approach, you will collect practical experience and apply the theory and methods from your education. To further accelerate your development, targeted training will be offered throughout your Graduate journey to strengthen your skills in project management, change, presentation technique, and many more.

To further guide you on your journey, a senior manager will be dedicated as your personal mentor and help you with career decisions and navigating in our global organisation. Last but not least, you will benefit from Graduate Programme Managers, who will coach you and provide guidance in terms of the learning and development activities that can help you meet your ambitions.

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