Environment, Health and Safety


Group Policy - Environment, Health and Safety

The Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) work within Grundfos Group is part of a corporate focus on sustainable development, which is a part of our core values. This EHS Policy is developed to describe our approach to the overall EHS work and to ensure that we meet the expectations from our customers, employees, the community in which we live and other stakeholders. The EHS Policy applies to the whole Grundfos Group and is to be used for internal and external communication.

With global presence and activities, Grundfos acknowledges our environmental responsibility. We will continually assess and improve the environmental impacts of all our activities and through concrete actions we will set a good example of how to demonstrate respect and care for the environment.

Health & Safety
The health and safety of our employees goes before anything else. Therefore, we will continually improve the work environment of our employees by taking preventive actions and ensuring that the working conditions are in accordance with high occupational workplace standards. In addition we will always treat our employees with dignity and respect.

In order to ensure that we will continually improve our EHS performance, we have made the following commitments:

  • We will use the certified management systems ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 to fulfil and continually improve all Environmental, Health & Safety related aspects.

  • We will obligate to comply with applicable requirements and other requirements, which we have subscribed to. We wish to become a role model by setting a good example and go further than required by law. We will continually promote and influence local and global legislation which protects the environment, health and safety of our employees, workplaces and the community.

  • We encourage an environmental, health and safety friendly and responsible mindset through involvement of all employees, communication and sharing of best practices.

  • We align the global approach to the Environment, Health & Safety work by communicating our achievements at all levels of the organization.

From a lifecycle perspective we assess and improve the environmental impact of both our products, processes, facilities and suppliers. We continually search for sustainable solutions improving both the working environment of our employees and the external environment in which we all live and work in.

Group Environment department is responsible for preparation of the Environment, Health & Safety Policy, its revision and maintenance.

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