Group policy - corporate social responsibility

Employees from the flex workshop

Grundfos - a sustainable company

Grundfos operates in a manner that meets or exceeds the ethical, legal, and public expectations that society has of the business. As such it affects and is reflected in everything we do, every decision we make end every action we take.

We will at all times strive for sustainability.

Our global presence must therefore harmonize with the local surroundings and the people whose lives and conditions we have influence on. We will actively involve ourselves in the local community and support initiatives, which will stimulate the local community as well as Grundfos.

Grundfos - an embracing company
We want to create an embracing company with an open-minded working environment characterized by deep respect for the differences between every single employee. As a matter of course our social responsibility is manifested through concrete initiatives in the Group’s individual companies exemplified by our decision to employ people with reduced work capabilities due to physically, mentally or socially related reasons, under flexible conditions. Such an employment can partly be based on governmental subsidies where such are outlined in laws and/or agreements.

We have the welfare of our employees at heart. That is why it is a continuous challenge for us to ensure a healthy and safe working environment. Moreover it is a natural part of the company culture to offer employee activities, which go further than the professional topics in order to stimulate the team spirit and the personal qualifications of the employees.When we realize that there are problems related to the job, we will offer help - to the extent that the workplace is able to help solve or lessen the problem.

Grundfos - a responsible company
We demand from ourselves that our social and ethical behaviour must be in accordance with the international declarations for human rights and labour rights - and we will continuously make the same demands on our suppliers. Furthermore we will stimulate our customers to act in a socially and ethically responsible way.

We want to be a responsible company in deed and word with due respect to proper business procedures and ethical behaviour. We want to be acknowledged as such by our employees, customers, suppliers, the local communities we are working in - and our competitors.


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