Stakeholder engagement

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Influencing the global agenda

Grundfos wants to take responsibility as an active participant in the global debate on sustainable development. It is our ambition to leverage our expertise and authority to teach the public, motivate politicians and influence the global media agenda. Raising awareness about sustainable energy and water-efficient solutions is bound to benefit both the environment and our business, thereby creating shared value.

Partnerships and networks

A way for Grundfos to influence the global agenda is to engage in partnerships, teaming up with other companies and organisations to contribute to the global debate on sustainable development and to find new ways to combat climate change. Grundfos is a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and in order to strengthen our impact and increase our benefits, we have identified the most relevant areas, working groups and initiatives in which to engage within WBCSD.

Through our membership of the Copenhagen Climate Council and The Confederation of Danish Industry, we have also influenced the political life leading up to the UN COP15 summit on climate change held in Copenhagen in December 2009. Furthermore, Grundfos is chairman of the Danish Council for Sustainable Business Development, which has a great impact on the Danish sustainability agenda. Committing ourselves to the UN Global Compact, Grundfos is also a member of the Global Compact Nordic Network.

To set focus on the human rights agenda, Grundfos is a member of the Danish Business Network for Human Rights. The network is an international business network for people in global organisations who work strategically and/or operationally with human rights issues in their organisations or supply chains.

However, Grundfos does not only seek influence at Group level. By taking part in national and local fora, conferences and public programmes to promote environmentally friendly solutions, many Grundfos companies engage in the public debate on sustainable development.

Connecting with our customers

We believe that our customers are looking for more than pumps that can solve their pumping needs. They are looking for complete and user-friendly solutions to solve their problems in relation to water; solutions that can make their life easier and optimise their processes.

To support our mission to bring high-efficiency products and concepts to the global market, it is Grundfos’ policy to use environmental awareness and energy consciousness as decisive parameters in our marketing activities. We therefore seize the opportunities for entering into a dialogue with our customers and end users.

In the future, we will, driven by user needs and customer value, continue to develop capability to provide innovative and viable products and business concepts.

Responsible supplier management

Sustainability and responsibility is essential when building trustworthy partnerships with suppliers. As a rule, Grundfos only cooperates with suppliers who give top priority to quality, the environment, ethics, flexibility and security of supply. We believe our responsibility goes beyond the sourced products and components, as we are also responsible in relation to the people and the communities we are sourcing from.

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