Why use an Irrigation Professional?

Irrigation Professional

Why use an Irrigation Professional?

The selection and design of an effective and efficient irrigation system is not for the faint hearted, and definitely not for amateurs.

Irrigation Professionals spend a significant amount of time considering the intended use of an irrigation system, as well as gathering relevant information that is essential to the delivery of a system that meets the need of the crop being grown in an efficient and reliable manner.  

Many crops are very sensitive to the delivery of water to their root system, and this is where the selection of the right irrigation system, backed by a reliable and robust pump, is an absolute must.   

As a GLOBAL manufacturer with decades of innovative pump system design experience, Grundfos Pumps offer the industry’s broadest line of pumping systems to meet requirements for reducing energy costs, safeguarding water resources and keeping productivity at its best. Our pumping systems are efficient, tested for reliability and designed to work seamlessly with modern irrigation systems as well as agricultural and non-agricultural applications. 

As a LOCAL expert, your Grundfos Specialist Irrigation Dealer will ensure that all
considerations are made to deliver a satisfactory result, including considerations around:

Your physical location

  • Soil types
  • Infiltration rates or problems
  • Current agricultural practices
  •  Water sources
  • Contour lines
  • Farm or field boundaries 

Water Supply

  • Quantity available
  • Reliability
  • Storage capacity
  • Rainfall
  • Maximum flow rates

Irrigable Area

  • Crops to be grown
  • Total irrigation requirements
  • Required irrigation system capacity
  • Maximum depth of water applied per irrigation

Your Local Grundfos Specialist Irrigation Dealer has the expertise and knowledge to correctly guide you towards the best system selection to meet your needs. They understand how a pump influences a system, and that by ensuring a perfect pump match, you can save money in terms of maintenance, energy and water costs.

Your Local Grundfos Specialist Irrigation Dealer possesses not only the best LOCAL knowledge, but also a genuine desire to discuss your individual pumping requirements and provide you with a professional solution to meet your needs. And they’re supported by Grundfos, the GLOBAL Experts, who have decades of innovative pump system design experience.  

To find your nearest Grundfos Specialist Irrigation Dealer, visit www.grundfos.com.au/GROWWITHUS