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Keeping millions of feet dry by intelligent dewatering
A new tourist area in Tianjin, China, lies below sea level. In order to avoid flooding within the reclaimed area huge pumps have been installed to lead rainwater out into the sea. This task is handled by the largest prefabricated pumping station from Grundfos.
Volkswagen reaches for significant energy savings
The Volkswagen Group wants to cut energy consumption. The target is 25 per cent less by 2018. To help achieve this, a pump control system from Grundfos has been installed at the production plant in Braunschweig.
Hidden heroes power green ambitions
A unique way of thinking sustainability into every part of society has drawn attention to the Danish island of Samsø from all over the world. Innovation and energy optimisation are key elements in achieving the ambitious goal of becoming completely inde¬pendent from fossil fuels.
Export of water technology to China has doubled
In seven years, Denmark has doubled its export of water technology to China. Now, Danish Minister for the Environment, Kirsten Brosbøl, hosts the Chinese Minister for Water, Chen Lei, who will be looking at water technology and make new co-operation agreements with Denmark and the EU during the next few days.
Grundfos strengthens its market position, but profitability must be improved
The world’s leading pump manufacturer, Grundfos, is being challenged by intensified competition, low growth in the European markets and unfavourable currency exchange rates in 2014. High growth in for instance the United States and China strengthens the global market position, but there is a continued decline in profitability. A new strategy is to reverse this trend.
Widest programme range ever presented at ISH
New, innovative solutions and an extended and modernised product range meet our guests at this year’s largest sanitary and heating trade fair in Frankfurt.
Brewed using the best Czech water
Every single beer at the renowned Budějovický Budvar brewery is brewed in line with proud traditions. In order to meet demand from thirsty consumers around the world, modern equipment is necessary to transform the good water into liquid gold.
We are highlighted for turning risks into opportunities
In a recently published, global report focusing on some of the world’s greatest challenges, lack of water is in the spotlight. Along with a Grundfos solution to this problem.
We open a new IT centre in Manila
23 January Grundfos officially opened a brand new IT centre in Manila in the Philippines. From here 90 new colleagues will help give thrust to our IT business.
Unique chance sent Abel to Canada
Abel Mauricio Orozco dreamed of living and working in Canada. Thanks to Grundfos, the Colombian engineer is now ready to start his new life in the North American country.