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Brewed using the best Czech water
Every single beer at the renowned Budějovický Budvar brewery is brewed in line with proud traditions. In order to meet demand from thirsty consumers around the world, modern equipment is necessary to transform the good water into liquid gold.
We are highlighted for turning risks into opportunities
In a recently published, global report focusing on some of the world’s greatest challenges, lack of water is in the spotlight. Along with a Grundfos solution to this problem.
We open a new IT centre in Manila
23 January Grundfos officially opened a brand new IT centre in Manila in the Philippines. From here 90 new colleagues will help give thrust to our IT business.
Unique chance sent Abel to Canada
Abel Mauricio Orozco dreamed of living and working in Canada. Thanks to Grundfos, the Colombian engineer is now ready to start his new life in the North American country.
Cold air for fresh bananas
The transportation of delicate goods from one part of the world to another in harsh environments demands care and reliability. Grundfos motors help fulfil both requirements.
Sludge cleans waste water in Singapore
Clean water is in short supply in Singapore and therefore innovative thinking is necessary, as the city-state ensures its access to the scarce resource. Grundfos has received a good 1.2 million euro to sophisticate a brand new technology in which the waste water is treated through sludge. The cleansed water can help ease the strain on the water resources in the area.
Grundfos to train Chinese mayors
As a part of a newly signed Memorandum of Understanding for strategic cooperation, Grundfos will participate in a Danish training program for Chinese mayors.
The waterworks of the future is out in the open
In the scenic surroundings of Truelsbjerg, Aarhus, the construction of what might be the most groundbreaking waterworks in Europe is complete. Both water production, guarantee of supply, design and architecture are state of the art, and Grundfos pumps are a key part of the solution.
Grundfos takes a seat in the city of the future
Masdar City in Abu Dhabi is building one of the world's most sustainable city's. With a new branch office, Grundfos now takes a seat among several other visionary companies in a global cluster for clean technology.
We challenge Korean and Danish students
Grundfos tests a group of Korean and Danish university talents. They get one week to come up with their innovative solutions in a business case.